by Advenus

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released September 8, 2016

Chris F- Vocals
Sean H- Guitars, Vocals, Bass
John D- Guitars, Bass
Ricky T- Drums

Guest vocals on "Petrichor" by Nicole Gauthier

Recorded and Mixed by Sean H @ Audio Ambassador
Mastered by Nick Z @ New Alliance East

Artwork by Leanna White Design
Photography by Owen Filion
Modelling by Olivia White
Cosmetics by Michaela Adele Witt



all rights reserved


Advenus Coventry, Rhode Island

Advenus plays a signature style of post-metal colored with vast influences new and old. They aim to make a new movement within the post-metal genre; one that incorporates the progressive metal sounds of the early 2000s without failing to include more underground sub-genre textures from the spheres of black and death metal. ... more

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Track Name: From The Sky
My eyes watch as the sky falls
In my deep dreams, surrounded by white walls
So close yet so far away
Lapsed in moments
Beyond reality
I hear their voices

Illuminate the third dimension
Erase this false perception
I hear their voices
Beyond this blinding light,
A new connection
Is there a paradise waiting for me?

Standing at the edge of infinity
Existence reforms to neutral
My words leave everything to burn

So close yet so far away
Lapsed in moments
Beyond reality
I hear their voices

Minds in withdrawal
Give us a dose of reality

Feed this starving creature
It has become desperate and lost

Let new life be born
We all descend here from the sky
Track Name: Pathways
Embedded in its roots is the concept
Lost, still your spirit speaks
In a native tongue
Whispered to me
Go to the sea

Unfold the source if its heartbeat
Discovering this site
Through the vision of distant times
Enable me to travel across this planet
To adapt this terrain
Hyper senses in this solid state of mind
The version of self creation
Giving birth to a new life
Gravity gripping by its passion
Directional frequency

To follow this ancient road
Its calm obedience beckons me
Answer this calling of higher powers
Those of which I cannot perceive

Glowing graciously
Deceitfully luminous
The moon above sits with guidance

In this spiritual galaxy
A delicate flower
Sprouts a stunning atmosphere

Life's intricate system
Our planetary womb
Of the unborn children
Our mother is proud
For the atoms that create us
She is to sacrifice a star
This is the source
My mother; my planet

For each birth a possibility
Safe in our mother's arms

Our very first moment
Our very first path
Track Name: The Observer
When I focus beyond the tidings
Of this day that I have lived so many times
My hands start to tremble
When I realize how the journey has shaped me
And I witness my body separating

Mirrors reflect back more than just myself
I see the fault lines of laughter from dead days
A physical form of spiritual pain

There is no control, there is only acceptance
Of how the world has changed you

Embrace the tragedy you've been blessed with

When everything that you love is gone
There is only one life left standing
And you must learn to love
Some how, some way

My passions
And cravings,
Frustrations destroy my mind-
My body grows swollen and sore
I grip harder onto the burning ashes
Slipping through my hands
My palms are bleeding
I need to breathe
I need to release
Track Name: Plains Of Ethera
All we know and love is gone
All we have in each other
Strangers in a distant land
We've been left here though it seems
I feel it
I hear it
Am I the owner of this
voice inside?

All these words become matter
The frail voices evaporate
Clear my mind of misconception
Am I this illustration?

In darkness I am familiar
In light I am blind
Becoming a prisoner
In my own mind.

I'm drifting further from this life
While time fades in memory
Premonitions of who I once was
This condition is permanent

Steer us away from this false perception
Renew this planet and all of its life
We will be freed from this bleak atmosphere
Where our hopes and dreams can't be erased

Earth keepers!
We are the failed children of creation
We are the chosen few who must ascend
Our existence is a flawed design
This is our purpose, this is our destiny

Show us all
The plains of existence
Teach us how
To maintain a balance

We've been weightless
We've been shattered
Broken pieces
Turned to matter
Growing danger
Never clearer
Become a stranger
In the mirror

Leave the old world behind
Track Name: Petrichor
The clouds are giving way
Is it finally over?
The fog is lifting to the sky
Revealing the ground below her

Is her sweet scent that of petrichor?
Or is she the quiet before the storm?

Don't seek your shelter in shattered homes
The warmest of rays shine through broken windows
Don't lay your head where the auras are bright
The deadliest of skies are the most vibrant

To me, you were the Earth and Sky
To you, I was another wave in your tide
A cold downpour in angelic form
You were just the eye of the storm

Never again will I open my door
Never again will I be the one who loves more
My heart is frozen from all of this pain
Standing in stillness outside in your rain

There is a deceit in these changing winds
There are secrets behind your promises
Is there a light beyond these flashing clouds?
Is there scent to serenity?
Track Name: Immersed
As I reach my hand for yours
I pull back nothing
We are ghosts to each other now
Existing in different dimensions
It felt so real to me

Living in a vivid dream
All of these moving parts
Seem to be placed in sync
By my lucid mind
How can you feel so real?

Obstacles of light
Contort my eyes
Shifting in and out
It carries me away

It grips us
It lifts us
Placing us like stars on a grid
Our existence here is native
And our mindsets keep us foreign
But we couldn't live any other way

I've accepted what I've become
And I let it sink in deeper

Why won't you show yourself
The way that I have known you
I feel that you have changed

Will things ever be the same
How long must I wait for you?
Will you be on the other side?

I know now
Who I need to be

The start of a new progression
The abstract signal speaks to us
Guides us to our purest form

Watching from the outside
This creation is expiring
We're evolving within the wavelengths

Oh mother you have shaped me
You've created this side of me
And now you leave me

Watching from the outside
This creation is expiring
We're evolving within the wavelengths
Track Name: Omni-Native
Reached out hands to the stars
Follow the constellations
The path is brightened
By ever flowing and ever glowing auras
A distant communication
Born before us

Awaken these moments
Relapse in time
Shifting motions
The light shines

Like grains of sand
Life slips through our hands
Existence of time and space
A destination beyond this place

Carry me away like ocean waves
Forfeiting reality
In this infinite dream
Let the mind defeat the body
Watch a soul be born

Begin the healing of this being
And pry me from this shell
I have been condemned

Inside this pulsing heart
And beneath this earthly skin
A creature is starving to be
Born again

So blind, so frail, so battered
How did we ever get this way?
We waited til the message was lost
So we swim through the static